A continuing tale of life in the boonies

No. 008

Dog Officer Part 117: Followers of this riveting serial will recall that after last week's dramatic eleventh hour withdrawal by a convert to sanity, two candidates remained in the field. The lucky winner was proclaimed to be Alan Colwell, a local man with a telephone, who, shortly after the obligatory "Welcome aboard" went to work with a will by conveying a pregnant beagle to Dover and capturing two strays.

The latter he placed in a temporary pound, and discovered, on his return from another hunt, that the pair of mutts had either escaped or been released, making the score: Dog Officer 1 - Dogs 2.

Back at the selectmen's meeting, Mr. Buckley of East Grove Street, talking with the spirit and determination of one who feels that he has Truth on his side, gave an historical account of a land disagreement that affected himself, a neighbor and the town. Mr. Plante, for the selectmen, assured Buckley that they were not sitting fat, dumb and happy, said that he thought that the matter was still within the Statute of Limitations, and referred him for further information to Jane Fall, chairman of the Planning Board.

According to G.K. Chesterton, who may also have reported selectmen's meetings: Your next-door neighbor is not a man; he is an environment. He is the barking of a dog; he is the noise of a pianola; he is the dispute about a party wall; he is the drains that are worse than yours, or the roses that are better than yours.

Poisoned Water: Many matters brought before the selectmen may be of a serious nature, but are not without their humorous aspect. No such humor exists to mitigate the plight of Farmington residents Ephrem and Blanche Proulx, an elderly couple who live on Paulson Road. Their water supply was contaminated by chemicals that leaked from a gasoline storage tank belonging to R.C. Mooney Inc. The Proulxs can't have another well dug as "the whole place is poisoned, " yet cannot even bathe in their present supply. They have been living in a Rochester motel but are unable to do so beyond the end of January, as Mooney's insurance company will no longer pay the bill. Now the town has stepped in to provide the Proulxs with a 1,000 gallon tank until such time as the water lines can be linked up from the nearest main. Up to $650 has been earmarked to help out the couple with Selectman Kenyon remarking that the town will bill the insurance company for the cost.

Wheeler Dealers: The town is soon to have a sale of bicycles and other property stolen or found, which has not so far been claimed. Further news on Feb. 2.

Shooter Education: At a well-attended graduation ceremony recently, the following boys were presented with awards by Jaycee President Tom Harding: John Flynn No. 1 in testing; Travis Day No. 1 for adjusting from one hand to another; Vince Flynn No. 1 most improved shooter & team spirit; Alex Sinclair No. 1 shooter. The assembled crowd of parents and friends who had silently suffered a long speech, the probing lens of a video camera and iron-hard bleachers, came alive and applauded the boys as they received their trophies.

Of great assistance to Harding, and looking resplendent in the uniform of the United States Corps of Security Guards, was Sgt. Ted Balch.

Community Center news: Thanks to Joseph Pitre of Watson's Corner for drilling the holes for the backplates that hold the rims bought by the School Board attached to the backboards painted by Red Thibedau and Bubber Haycock, from the wood donated by Di Prizio, that was arranged by Ronnie Howard, after suggestions too numerous to mention, that John built.

Next Week: The Backboards are Put in Place or Further Milestones in Cooperation.

Chess Tournament winner - James Ellis of North Main Street. Next Date: Thursday, Feb. 7 at 7 p.m. No experts, please. Average players and dumbos welcome.

Pool Tournament winners: A three-way unbreakable tie between Gerry Gullison, James Ellis and Harry with the green hat. Next date: Wednesday, Jan. 30, at 8 p.m.

Latest Score: Dog Officer 4 - Dogs 2. In a recent unmentionable incident, spectators ran onto the field and interfered with play.

Jan. 29, 1985

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