A continuing tale of life in the boonies

No. 071

End of the whirl is nigh

The spontaneous social movement to free the jacket of Mr. Lefty Lee of Lefty Lee and the Drifters looks like it is heading towards a successful close. Of the $225 required to release the celebrated garment from the custody of Alterations by Doris, $121,03 has been charmed, winkled, beguiled, black-mailed, bullied, scrounged, begged, wheedled and negotiated from the pockets and purses of the population. The list of donors, indeed, reads like a Who's Who of the town. The latest names include: Dock Square staff, $3.39

"He is a taxi driver", .40

Bubba & the boys, 1.50

Planning Board, .50

Z.B.Z., .45

Farmington Mudders, 2.00

Pentecostal Lady, 2.00

Mike & Josh Lee (No relation), .17

School Cafeteria Staff, 11.00

Fuel Assistee, .89

Wee Billy Fisher, .50

Jeff the Over, .50

"Bertha Butt", .44

Sam Gray, 1.00

Larry Parent, 1.00

Puddledock Press, 1.00

Foster's Daily Democrat, 1.50

"In memory of Buddy", 1.00

"A brief romance", 2.00

Men's Basketball League, 5.48

Farmington Town Players, 5.38

Madge Barron, 1.00

Hidden Coffee House, 5.00

"Goodbye Booze", 2.50

High School Office, 1.50

Pete Jarrett, 1.00

School Library, .50

School Nurses, 1.00

Mr. Beaupre, 1.00

Ray Charbonneau, .50

Big Sue, .05

Hunter Jones, 1.00

There are several upcoming social occasions (see below) where citizens will still have the opportunity to donate, and thus be recorded in history, so don't feel slighted if you haven't been asked yet. A word also to those who think that this is a monstrous hoax - it ain't Lefty lives. His jacket languishes.

Finally, one should mention that many people who have already contributed feel that this famous coat should become a town treasure, rather like the contents of the Henry Wilson Cabinet, or the Kennedy painting, or Archie Corson's truck. Que sera sera.

Pole Star: Ernest Jones, the hunter who had his buddy figured for a pixilated coprophagist, scores better on the ski-slopes. Ernest, a student at Farmington High, has been placed in the top ten category of 16-18 year-old skiers from the state of New Hampshire in a national competition.

Quiz Stars: The high school team of Allen Howard, Mike Mucher, Carmelita Lawrence, Glen Costanzo and Jane Cameron reached the last eight teams in Granite State Challenge. Congratulations.

Hidden Place Coffee-House: I missed last week's singing duo from Connecticut, but heard good reports. Perhaps you could play it again, Psalms.

Main St. School News: In the absence of the expected Bibbo-Bois gold strike, the students' jewelry sale at Christmas will take the form of Austrian leaded crystal. Almost as good.

Athens Of New Hampshire: On Sunday, Dec. 7 at 4 p.m., the New England Brass Quintet will perform in the first Congregational Church on South Main Street, due to the benevolence of the Helen McLaughlin Fund, which is earmarked for bringing good music to the townspeople, each year. Hey, Lefty, are you reading this?

Hunting News: Unlike Hunters Proux, Bibbo, Jones and Welch, who drew a blank recently, Mrs. Kelly the Hatless was fortunate enough to bag a deer last week up on Route 11. She was driving the family car at the time.

Wool For School: School nurses are again appealing for donations of mittens, hats, jackets and coats for those young students who are less fortunate and frostbitten.

Twinkle Bubble: The Vickers residence is having its 3rd Annual Champagne Christmas Lighting party for invited guests on Sunday, Dec. 7. Champagne at 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. - lights at 5 p.m. if anyone can find the switch. (Collection for Lefty at 4:10 p.m.)

Oops: Checking my Town Hall mailbox the other day, I found a disreputable corncob pipe.

"Aha, Percy Day is playing a wee joke," thought I, and was about to dispatch the offending item into a bin, when I was stopped by Sandy Wells.

"That's Judge Whittum's," she cautioned, "he's just gone into court."

Cribbage News: Nov. 25 winner - Bill Trautman. Next date - Dec. 9th at 7 p.m.

Dec. 2, 1986

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