A continuing tale of life in the boonies

No. 079

Carnival cometh closer

The Henry Wilson Winter Carnival, named in honor of Farmington's contribution to national politics, the 18th vice-president, is fast approaching. Huge crowds are expected to attend following the publicity accorded the event, two columns back, but let me reduce the throng slightly by correcting a false impression.

"Snow gold" was referred to in that article - and has no doubt got a bunch of get-rich-quickers looking out their prospecting pans and shovels. Relax, Mr. Bibbo and others. This was an error that should have read "snow golf." Some features of last year have been phased out. Ice-house racing, won previously by Selectman Willis Berry, has been reluctantly dropped, and mass cake-eating will not be part of the official program. However, the favorite events of 1986 have been retained, including the three-person canoe races and the snowshoe hurdles. Full details and entry forms can be obtained from the Farmington Community Center.

While the events are open to all individuals who sign up in advance or on the day, teams comprising from three to six people, are also encouraged to compete. Already showing an interest are Middleton 4-H, Yonder Ridgers, Friends of Blinkensop, Farmington Lions, Rochester Kiwanis, Main Street teachers, Woodward's Warriors, Meaderboro Road P.B.E. & Farmington Firemen.

Ensuring that the afternoon will run efficiently are those veterans of the Puddledock Express Locomotive, the Davidson Instrument Panel Social Committee, and in charge of satisfying the ravenous horde's appetite for hot food and drinks, is Farmington Business Association led by the tireless Betty Mros.

Betty Webster of the Henry Wilson Grange, last week, handed over a poem she had recently composed that contains this very relevent verse:

Young folks look forward to this time

As Winter sports begin

There's skiing, skating, sliding too

With contests they can win.

There's weekend trips to skiing slopes

Some near and some away

You get to meet all kinds of folk

Who really make your day.

Ten out of ten for topicality, Mrs. Webster.

Grange news

The H.W. Grange No. 205 will be holding their spring instruction on Jan. 28, with Deputy Donald Walsh. A pot-luck supper will be served before the meeting at 6:30 p.m. - all members welcome.

Eastern Star news

Fraternal Chapter No. 27 of Farmington is consolidating with Unity Chapter of Union. The new chapter will be called Unity Fraternal No. 21. The amalgamation, on Jan. 27, was brought about by small attendance at the Farmington branch.

Win some, lose some

While Farmington rejoiced in the birth of triplets to a ewe owned by a local shepherd Nute, it also grieved at the loss of a lamb from the Nativity Scene on the Congregational Church lawn. Contrary to rumor, this wooden beast was not seized for the Farmington Rabbie Burns Appreciation Society haggis. Claims by some guests, that this ancient Scottish delicacy contained vast amounts of sawdust, are unfounded.

Booning news

The recent heavy snowfall has not been to everyone's taste. Former Mudder-of-the-Week, Martin Stanley, reports to Four-Wheelers that the Scruton Field Road is impassable due to drifts (Hint, hint, Clarky!) and that Pound Road is drivable for only three quarters of the way because of ice.

Nurses' news

The school nurses, in their weekly press conference, gave very high marks to Mr. C. Hackett and the Road Crew for the present state of Farmington's roads. They also asked that parents be informed of a Great Mound of unclaimed clothing (thermal vests, coats and the like, mostly in excellent condition), that has been lost or abandoned by students over the last few weeks.

Ballbouncing news

A wonderful year so far for all four high school basketball teams, with Boys' Varsity currently rated No. 1 in the state. With junior high teams playing well, and the Community Center kids notching up two wins against Rochester Rec. 1987 may be the year of the tiger. In the Men's Sunday League, the Community Center recently lost their first game in 37 contests, by one point, to Square One. A memorable occasion marked by sportsmanship of the most gratifying kind.

School News

Other athletes of December were Holly Sirois and Mike Mucher

The N.H.J.T.C. has allotted F.H.S. up to $30,000. A faculty letter seeking integration proposals tentatively suggests, after in-depth meetings with the J.P.T.A. rep., that in-school programming appears most feasible, with the mission being to have students master a structured set of zzzzzzzzzzzzz

The high school Winter Carnival is currently under way, with events as diverse as Girls Arm Wrestling and Boys Hula Hoop. (Have you got that the right way round? - Ed.) Yes. Results next week.

Latest scores

Mrs. Elliot 25, Miss Welch one half.

Fire Dept. news

The ice-rink in Fernald Park has so far been thwarted by the heaviest snowfall in recent years. No sooner has the surface been cleared and a fresh coat of ice applied, than bang! Another storm blows up. Thanks, nonetheless, are due among others to Joel Plante, Eddy Robinson, Paul Lanza and Clark Hackett. Also Henry Sabine, Keith Daly and Lance Cadosi. Plus Candy and Tim Lee! Deputy Fire Chief Plante would also like to remind householders to keep their nearby fire hydrants shoveled out, and to keep their back-doors clear of snow as an escape exit, should fire strike.

Appeal II

The Community Center would appreciate the donation of any odd pool balls that people may have lying around their basements, barns or garages.

Jan. 27, 1987

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