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No. 093

Fantasia - the bare facts

"Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is no mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself."

Havelock Ellis (1923)

When the seven-person Safety Building committee dreamt up the idea of a Fantasy Night for women, in order to raise $1,500 towards essential maintenance costs, they little dreamt how controversial this art would be. But exotic dancers, especially the male species, have never been a part of Farmingtonís breakfast, basketball and Budweiser scene, so feelings are running a wee bit high in some quarters.

Word on the street is that the two-hour show is heading for a sell-out at $10 per ticket, and it seems that customers are approaching the event, featuring slinky, imported men, with a touch of humor. Traces of lust or desperation are undetectable - just glints of mischief.

However, there are fierce misgivings in some quarters. In a three-lady office, one is gung-ho for a front seat, another is swithering, and the third strongly feels the Safety Hall is an improper site. Unfortunately, that particular soul is in a dilemma because her husband, a fireman, has asked her to assist with ticket sales. She is only acceding to his request, if she can place the Fantasy Night tickets inside discrete brown paper bags.

"And when is this all going to happen?" you ask, with barely restrained eagerness.

In deference to those who wish it were not going to happen at all, the answer is, "Coming Soon."

Anyway, after the ladiesí show is over, if the gentlemen of Farmington get antsy for their fantasy, they should be directed to the high school library where, thanks to the recently arrived fruits of modern laser technology, fantasy already lurks on a video encyclopedia disc.

Filed under Dancer, is a 10-second, sepia-tone clip of an artiste called Little Egypt performing a belly dance at the Chicago World Fair in 1893. Yowzah!

Sin City II

Farmington Town Players pulled off three excellent performances of Neil Simonís play, "The Last of the Red Hot Lovers" recently, and attracted a total audience of over 260...pretty good considering they were in direct competition to St. Peter's Church penny sale. Larry Parent was cast in the major role of a gauche and ultimately moral fish restaurant owner, exposed to aggressive desire, flakiness, coughing fits, illegal cigarettes, and nervous depression. He shone, with great support from balked lovers, Jeannie Blinkinsop-Blinkinsop, Beth Mackay and Mary Barron.

The Players, who extend the warmest invitation to any would-be actor or stagehand to join them (call 755-2405), will meet shortly to decide what their next production should be. This is earmarked for March or April of 1988.

John Fitch news

If the proposed $5 bicycle tax is ever approved, Mr. Fitch, as code enforcement officer, may be a very busy fellow indeed, as the rumble of mutineers is already audible.

Meanwhile, Dog Officer Fitch is appealing for the donation of two canine cages suitable for conveying dogs to the animal pound in Dover. At present, he ties the dogs by a leash in the rear of his truck, and the animals experience discomfort on occasions when he applies his brakes.

Incidentally, Health Officer Fitch approves of Fantasy Night, provided that it is clean.

Mudding news

"Forward Ho!" is the cry of Mudder of the Week Donny Foley, partly because his reverse gear is wiped out. In other fun, Jeff Smith tore off a bumper, broke a headlight and smashed a mirror mudding on Alton Mountain, the Tappers struck a tree in a bog, and Mike White shelled up $99 to have his front end de-mudded. This flurry of mudding activity has stirred old Mr. Ramgunshoch to compose what he insists is a completely original poem, despite a vaguely familiar ring:

I mudded lonely as a cloud,

'long tracks that bore o'er vale and hill,

When all at once I saw a crowd

Of booners giving Bud a swill;

Beside the lake, beneath the trees,

They chawed the fat and shot the breeze.

Fire Department

The Daddy of all Bean Suppers (avec jambon) is scheduled for the evening of Saturday, Nov. 7 with all proceeds helping to boost the equipment fund. We are talking Big Occasion. Bigger, maybe, than Fantasy Night.

Business Association

The F.B.A. is having a bake sale at Happy Feet and Smiling Toes, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 6, to boost their funds - financing the Christmas lights is just around the corner. Their grub is recommended.

Women's Club

This town can sure eat! On Nov. 12, (that's after the Bean Supper but prior to Fantasy Night) Farmington Woman's Club is hosting a tea for the teachers of the town.

Sandra Canney news

Sandra Canney, whom Governor Sununu recently named Outstanding Volunteer of the Year in Farmington, celebrates 20 years in business on Nov. 10.

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