A continuing tale of life in the boonies

No. 210

R.I.P Ramgunshoch et al.

Farmington Corner died peacefully on the afternoon of Jan. 20 It was just over eight years old.

The column was born, or at least dumped on the Rochester Courier's doorstep, on Dec. 11, 1994 and has made 210 public appearances before its life support system was  turned off. Its death will be mourned by several readers.

Among the column's more notable achievements were the uncovering of a plot to tax bicycles; the defeat of a plan to outlaw peacocks from downtown; the unflagging campaign to bring Henry Wilson out of obscurity; and assisting Mr. Allen Drew to get some fresh paint slapped on his flagpole.

There have been shameful omissions, too, the greatest perhaps being the lack of publicity accorded to the 22-inch rainbow trout caught by ex-high school principal Ken Beaupre, shortly before his retirement.

Farmington Corner is survived by Royce's Stoves and Freezers, the Woman's Club and a number of other town fixtures.

Late news flash!

January 28, 1993

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