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   Calling All Girls

Strip T's Design Company is proud to present our exciting new collection of T-shirt designs for girls of all ages! Empowering, fun and colorful, and available in both Youth and Adult sizes. Printed on a high quality, 100% cotton, name brand tee shirt.



Girls Are- #420  
This funky, hip and colorful design is just right for the punky princess inside you...
or in your life!

Girls Can- #423
Our most delightful design. Girls CAN have it all... if they follow their dreams and their heart. Full color on a beautiful blue T.

Sunny Day- #424 
This design gives you a daily boost of self-confidence. Give it to the girls you love, or wear it yourself and shine!

Kitten- #419 
 Adorable, sweet white kitten on a pink or blue


This Century- #425
Our Most empowering and striking design! Wear it and show everyone just whose century this is!  Bold white on a black T.

All our designs are full color on 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, heavy weight, name brand T-shirts.

Sizes: available in kid sizes S, M, L (some are available in adult sizes, too)
 (contact me to check for what designs and sizes are in stock)
Price: $18.95 per shirt, includes shipping.

Contact me for wholesale rates:


 All designs are strictly copyrighted by Stephanie Piro

price is in U.S. dollars and includes shipping to U.S. and Canada.
Contact us for information about shipping to foreign countries.

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