Interviews and Press
It was a huge honor to be the cover girl on a recent
edition of the National Cartoonist Society magazine
"The Cartoonist". Frank Pauer did an incredible job
on this retrospective of my career!


Sandra Bell Lundy
My cartooning girlfriend, Sandra Bell Lundy, did
a wonderful series of interviews with women cartoonists.
 Click on the image to go to her site and my interview
and go on to read interviews with some of the other cartooning women including some of the Chix !

Scott Nickel

Scott Nickel a terrific cartoonist/illustrator also moonlights
asking some impressive cartoonists 20 questions. Click on the links to go to his blog and you can read my responses
 plus go on to lots of others

David- Wasting- Paper

David-Wasting-Paper (great name!) also features some
super cartoonist interviews. Click on the links to see mine
and many others.
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