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No. 073

Farmington Almanac

With 1986 on the way out, and no Christmas Tree poetry yet arrived, I thought it might be the time to take a nostalgic look over the past months. In couplets.

Hatwatchers, January cherished,

But Betty's Nearly New Shoppe perished.

In February Willis Berry's

Flying fish-house made us merry.

March witnessed guys bring out the Bud

And head their CJ5's to mud

By April, Farmington was humming

With rumours about Libyans coming

But ere that May was very old

Thoughts turned to Bibbo/Bois's gold

In June the population thunk

Of all the words that rhymed with skunk

'twas in July, the whole town knows

When poor George Lopes lost all his clothes

On August Hay Day we were braggin'

The world's first Long John Siver Agon

September - Stella Michaud fussed

When pigeon Buddy bit the dust

October's race saw a great win

For Farmington's own Tony Quinn

And people laughed away November

At Archie's courting days - remember?

December next was celebrated

With Lefty's jacket liberated

Aye! What a town! O! What a year!

No wonder folk love living here.

News From The Track: Davidson Rubber's award winning train, the Puddledock Express, is coming to town with Santa aboard. The 70-foot long, locally made locomotive and its rolling stock will pull into downtown Farmington on Friday, Dec. 19. From 5 p.m. until 6 p.m., loaded with candy canes, balloons and icecream, it will be stationed outside the Town Hall. Then for the next two hours, until 8 p.m., the engine, complete with cowcatcher, whistle and smoke, will be right on the Square, opposite the Christmas tree. What with all the new decorations on the poles, the colored lights, and all the shops open late, it sounds an enjoyable night for all the family.

Outer Garment News: Donors to Lefty's Jacket over the past week have included:

Cathleen Schulkind - $3.00

Courier (Part III)- 1.20

Ambulance Corpsman - .50

Ed Hurrinus - 1.00

Jacky & Tammy Butt - 1.00

Varsity Cheerleaders - 1.25

Davidson Rubber - 1.00

Bicentennial of the Constitution - .65

Olsons' Republican Donkey - 5.00

Take Off Pounds Slowly - 5.00

Liberace fan - 5.00

Judge Nute's sheep - 1.00

Dept. of Corrections - 2.00

Mike Carone - .11

The Ruthless Two - 1.07

Exotic Traveler - 1 Rupee

Sammy Doyon - 5.00

Baseball Cards Anon. - 5.00

Santa's Workshop - .55

Sheri Murby - 2.00

Chockeotee Rebels - .25

Scotty frae Denver - 2.00

Avon Calling - .50

Bob's Garage - 1.10

Cheese Distribution - .57

Hannah Waterhouse - 1.00.

The fund currently stands at $212.57, and with a collection due to be taken up at the Stone Church in Newmarket, during a rock concert, by the time that you read this, the $225 required will assuredly have been collected, and Lefty's jacket will be off the hook. I would like to thank Doris of Alterations fame for her patience and understanding throughout this campaign...some, indeed, have greatness thrust upon them. May her business grow and flourish. Incidentally, if any reader would like to buy me a Christmas present, Doris has a marvellous line of Scottish tartan scarves and ties, hand sewn on the premises on Hanson Street, Rochester.

Lefty's jacket will be on view in the Goodwin Library from Dec. 15-18 after which time it will be handed over to Lefty Lee and the Drifters. Lefty has agreed to make the jacket available to the town for those occasions that require pomp and ceremony.

Celebration II : J.F.K. recently came to Farmington from Washington, but not as you might think, to check on his likeness in Kristie's Restaurant. The Rev. John F. Kimball and his family have arrived from Shahalis, Washington state, to assume the pastorage of the Adventist Christian Church on Orange Street. At the installation and welcoming service last week were the Reverends Scruton, Batson, Roberts and Johnson and members of the congregation. Singing was led by Fred Chesley. Refreshments followed. Mrs. Kimball assumes the presidency of the N.H. Women's Home & Foreign Mission Society.

Athens Of New Hampshire: Very high praise for the N.E. Brass Quintet who performed recently in the Congregational Church thanks to the McLaughlin Fund. A varied program included chorales by Brahms and Bach, early English pastorales, a solo on garden hose, the Flight of the Bumblebee on tuba and a Christmas medley. Bluebells of Scotland was also appreciated. Tree Poem: Thrust into my hands as I was en route to filing the column are the following lines by Paul Turner. The first of the poetry entries runs thus:

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree

Perched o'er the community

It must be odd above the Square

To be where only pigeons dare.

Epilogue: In a kind and seasonal Christmas gesture, Doris has donated $25 to Trudy Pence's Yuletide Baskets for the Needy. Any other potential donors, who have been hanging back on account of the unorthodoxy of Lefty's cause, may now step forward and help bring cheer. Any monies sent to the Community Center will be forwarded to Trudy who co-ordinates the food drive.

Stage Curtains: The Town Hall curtains, a boon to Davidson Rubber's Christmas Show and Main Street School's upcoming production, received a boost from several quarters recently. The Lions Club donated $50 towards the cost and checks for $100 have been, or are about to be, received from Main Street Student Council, the Women's Club, Farmington Business Association, and Jim & Beulah Thayer.

Typesetter's News: Last week several people were thrown into confusion. Ramgunshoch, currently a non-person was seeking an F or (should have been for) antipodean fortune. Mr. Thayer's middle initial is E, not F., and Biff, an excellent shot, was aiming at a deer, not a door.

Dec. 16, 1986

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